The Goal

At Sound United, we know firsthand how sound inspires and uplifts — providing a magnificent way to enjoy one of the purest forms of self-expression: Music.

The Sound Start Foundation is another way of emboldening the mindset to Bring Joy to the World Through Sound.

To advance our undertaking so the next generation has a path to explore the wonders of making music, we’re donating 10,000 instruments to children across the world by 2020.

The Plan

We’ve initially partnered with VH1 Save The Music Foundation in the United States to ensure each donation is matched with appropriate music education programs. We plan to work with more partners to make sure our mission is realized globally.

It’s a $2+ million endeavor, and primary fundraising for the instruments begins with us.

Sound United is donating 5% of its direct online net sales from Denon, Polk and Definitive Technology products and using them to elevate the cause. The Sound Start Foundation also accepts donations from individuals and groups who share our vision.

The Potential

Studies indicate that exposure to music positively impacts overall performance in school. And with arts and music generally the first programs cut in districts experiencing budget shortfalls, Sound Start ensures the music keeps playing through kids to help them realize their full potential.

Join us as we continue to educate the musical minds and hearts of tomorrow, today.